The First Hops, are the Most Important Ones

We need your help. Our goal is to make reading and writing fun again. Through all the new technology, the idea of simply creating has been blurred out by consuming. Children need to able to be kids, and enjoy childhood. Jonathan and I have a passion to help kids do this by teaching them to use their imagination.
Take a look at our first children’s book, Mr. Blue & The Blueberry
(An Adventure At Stormhaven Youth Ranch).
The book idea was inspired by a creative picture and idea that Jonathan had about a frog holding a blueberry in his arms. The story line to this first book was inspired by Erin Cox with the idea of telling a children’s story with Jonathan and Levi Cox’s nephews and nieces in the story and a part of the tale. ¬†This entire tale was written in text messages between Levi and Jonathan. They each wrote a line or part and then the next wrote a line or part.¬†
The Book & E-Book can be purchased at

Mr.Blue & the B_Cover Photo_Final

Mr.Blue & the B_Cover Photo back_Final

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